08Jun 2018

Fox News has a segment called “Power Player of the Week.” Each week Chris Wallace highlights someone who’s a mover or shaker. Someone influential, significant, making an impact in the world. To my knowledge, Wallace has never had a simple, ordinary praying Christian as his PPOTW. Why’s that interesting? Because praying Christians are the real […]

24May 2018

They’re called skeletons in the closet. Things that you’re ashamed of. Things you no more want people to know about you than a spy wants to be found out. Things you do everything you can to keep as secret as the password to your retirement account. The writer of Hebrews tells you something astounding about […]

10May 2018

Living as a Grace-Focused Optimist is as crucial to living for God as oxygen is to your lungs. When you’re optimistic that God’s always up to your good you’re like a spiritual Navy Seal who’s fully prepared for whatever you face. In dependence on him, Grace-Focused Optimists glorify and enjoy God. The Grace SWAT Team […]

25Apr 2018

He calls it his “thorn in the flesh.” “He” being the Apostle Paul; “it” being a problem that was a rock in his shoe he couldn’t shake out. He leaves his thorn as nameless as Arlington’s unknown soldier. He simply calls it a “weakness.” But he insists that, for a while at least, it blistered […]

16Apr 2018

I read my Bible every day. I miss a day about as seldom as a teenager goes a day without texting. Not often. I read my Bible because I am a Grace-Focused Optimist and it’s the Operating Manual for Grace-Focused Optimism. Living as a Grace-Focused Optimist is living with The Christian Attitude toward life. It’s […]

03Mar 2018

Since its been several weeks since our last post in the series “How You Can Help Your Church Be a Force for God” we thought a brief review might keep you from feeling like you’re coming into the movie twenty minutes late. We saw in part one of this four-part series that it’s by super-sizing […]