Grace Focused Optimism Conferences

We would love to connect with your church or organization to schedule a Grace Focused Optimism Conference. Contact us for more information!

Below is a sample agenda from a GFO Conference.

Grace Focused Optimism: Learning to Live with The Christian Attitude

The GOAL of this GFO conference is to equip you to become the Grace Focused Optimist God wants you to be. The conference will do this by:

A. EXPLAINING Grace Focused Optimism

Session One: “In His Adventure”: An overview of Grace Focused Optimism.

Sessions Two and Three: “Son, Don’t You Know the Meaning of Grace”: Looking at the New Testament’s message that God’s grace is his PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE commitment to making us perfectly and permanently happy by making us perfectly and permanently like Jesus.

B. ENCOURAGING you to live as a Grace Focused Optimist

Session Four: “Mmm, Mmm, Good”: The benefits of living as a Grace Focused Optimist ought to make you determined to become one.

C. EMPOWERING you to become a Grace Focused Optimist 

Session Five: “Yes, You Can: A Million Others Have!” Giving you practical skills for developing the attitude of Grace Focused Optimism.

Session Six: “This is a grace G.O.O.D.”: Showing you how to live as a Grace Focused Optimist all day, every day.