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Sermons by Archibald G. Brown

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Archibald G. Brown was a Baptist preacher who went to that place the Apostle Paul calls “far better” after an earthly life extending from 1844 to 1922. Charles H. Spurgeon described this former student and later close friend as “a brother tried and proved.” Brown was as well known to his generation as John Macarthur, Chuck Swindoll, and John Piper are to ours. As American southerners say, he walked in tall cotton. The Banner of Truth Trust has recently published two volumes of Brown’s sermons: This God is Our God and The Face of Jesus Christ. The former preaches God…
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Preachers Can’t Live Without the Prayers of God’s People

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One of my all-time favorite people is the late, great baseball Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean. Diz was a piece of work in the best sense of the phrase. He loved to talk. Especially about himself and his brother Paul. Many a Dizzy sentence began with the words, “Me and Paul.” I know, I know. His grammar’s going to make the blood pressure of any English teacher reading this skyrocket. Sorry. Me and Paul Sorry, too, for saying that this is a “Me and Paul” post. Like Dizzy, it’s about me and my brother Paul. My spiritual brother…Paul the Apostle.…
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